Enter The Weird World Of…. PHLEGM: A Street Art…
Story Teller…

Passing by the walls of urban environments and seeing the different art that has found its way there fascinates me. It was on my first trip to London that I realized that street art was global, but when I went to Rome, I really knew it – it was everywhere. Walking around Old Street in east London in the early 2000’s is where I began to see the various languages that the artists spoke with the techniques they used. What sparked my imagination is how some artists used the landscape as a part of the story they were trying to convey. Phlegm is one of those kinds of street artists, one that makes his environment work for him so that he can draw you into his narrative. His characters are highly detailed and very bold. Phlegm’s work is so striking that when I look at it, I lose myself in his surreal world. Phlegm also creates comics and books of his ink drawings, and is working on a new one that will include a foldout of his “Civilization” artwork. CVLT Nation would like to salute this artist for creating art that is so weird it’s our brand new normal. After the jump, peep a huge gallery of Phlegm’s pieces and a video of him at work.

Phlegm in Bantry from My One Color on Vimeo.

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