Entering Darkness…EIBON Review

Have you had really dark thoughts, mixed with thoughts of floating in space, then you descend down to earth…? Maybe you haven’t, but I know of a band that can induce these kind of feelings, they are called Eibon. This French band call themselves dark progressive Doom/Sludge…these labels would be cool for other groups. To me, Eibon has elements of these labels, but their album, Entering Darkness, released via Aesthetic Death Records & Media Tree, is a journey into a world were no labels exist, only fucking killer mind-alerting music. I really don’t know where to start with this review, because everything about this album moves me. The first thing I will say: before listening get your best medical green bud, pack a bowl, light & let the trip begin. The bassline that this band creates is a magic carpet ride unto itself, that will take you to your nightmares then back around to the best day of your life. This band uses bass as a weapon of doom that has the power to heal & destroy, while being shot through the dubedelic effects machine. Eibon’s songs have these caves that are filled with blackened vocals that lay on top of the rhythm of slow-moving death, before evolving into this rivers of emotion for your dreams to swim in. These dudes are wizards at bending tones so that they will hit in the part of your being that will make you think there is hope in this desolate place called Earth. Vocally, what I really dig about this band is the soul that can be felt in the blackened delivery of the singer. It would be really hard for me to pick one song that describes their sound, because every song is a wonder that leaves me in awe. I also must make it clear that this band can take you to depths where the only language that is spoken is evil & man it has never sound so gnarly. One thing you can hear in this band’s music is confidence in what they create & the source where they draw their inspiration from. This sums up how awesome Entering Darkness is…think of your favorite album, listen to this album & then after, I think you might have a new favorite album!

Eibon : Entering Darkness

Eibon : These Chains

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