Dogtown Warrior Eric Dressen
Documentary Now Showing.

Skateboarder Magazine in the 70’s was one of the very first things to inspire me to be different. What made it even more special is when I would see kids my age ripping shit up. One of these youngsters was Eric Dressen – this dude skated with power and style at an early age. He has had ups and downs in the roller coaster industry called skateboarding. Epicly Later’d via Vice has created a radical documentary that goes in-depth into Eric Dressen’s rise and fall. On a personal level, I have always had respect for this dude because of his Venice roots and his being a part of the second generation of Dogtown. Life can put you through some weird shit, but skating will always give you that feeling of freedom…So after the jump check out Epicly Later’d’s Eric Dressen episode!


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Documentary Now Showing."

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Michelle LeVeaux

Killer documentary! I just love this shit. Kudos to Dressen. You’re totally bitchen’ dude!

LB to AZ…….