Exclusive Cvlt Nation Streaming Autolatry “Native”

Cvlt Nation is extremely excited to present a stream of Autolatry’s latest full-length, Native. The New England quintet has been hard at work since last year’s fantastic Of The Land EP, writing this material while putting a full US tour under their young belts. Despite some of the members being still in their teen years, the group can write and execute progressive black metal that any seasoned musician would be proud of. Native is a natural progression of the band’s sound, continuing with lyrical themes that hit close to their Connecticut home while playing with mind-bending riffs and instrumental sections.

Native will be released on June 18th. Preorder the physical copy from the band or check out their Bandcamp when it drops.

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Andy Osborn

Andy Osborn

I live in Seattle, where I spend my time creating and consuming beer while (simultaneously) attempting to put together coherent words on the beauty of atypical black metal.