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Dead Instrument ViolentDeath

Text by Ryan Avery

Dead Instrument is difficult to describe. Their sound is unlike most grind bands I’ve listened to in recent years. And their etiquette is almost repulsive — their vicious and swift assault within the immediate opening of the album, setting an unrelenting tone throughout the entire play. You can tell just by listening that these guys do not give a single fuck as to what any one person thinks of what they create with their weapons (as they clearly use their instruments to inflict pain upon the listener). And, in case you’re wondering, this is a good thing. Grind is aggressive and impolite, in my opinion, and is meant to push through angst and anger with each blasting riff and thunderous beat. With mild, mid-tempo breaks between every few fast-paced movements, these sludge interludes break up the album nicely giving the listener a chance to catch a breath just before another fast-paced anvil drops upon the head. The vocals blend so eloquently with the voracious progression of riffs, acting as an overture to the cruelty these maniacs are delivering. Just as quickly as the album starts, it abruptly ends and not too soon (or too late). These guys timed their assault perfectly: a quick hit and run of pummeling grind with hints of sludge-infused breaks to annihilate and assimilate their listeners. Assimilate? Right. Because once you listen you are a convert to this psychotic display of vulgarity.. one can only feel as though this album is just a taste of what is to come from Dead Instrument. Europe is constantly breeding a unique sound within all sub-genres of music and these guys bring a familiar yet distinct new flavor to grind, combining all the right elements to leave us in wanting.

Pick up a copy as soon as you can, as they are only limited to 300 copies! Raw Birth is developing quite a unique collection with their recent releases and be on the look-out for what follows in Dead Instrument’s wake.

Unhappy listening!

[audio:http://www.cvltnation.com/wp-content/audio/A1 Dead Moments.mp3,http://www.cvltnation.com/wp-content/audio/A2 Pieces.mp3,http://www.cvltnation.com/wp-content/audio/A3 Exitedly Loved and Mutilated.mp3,http://www.cvltnation.com/wp-content/audio/A4 Grand Confusion.mp3,http://www.cvltnation.com/wp-content/audio/A5 Stabbing Motion.mp3,http://www.cvltnation.com/wp-content/audio/A6 Punishing Certainly.mp3,http://www.cvltnation.com/wp-content/audio/A7 Violent Death.mp3,http://www.cvltnation.com/wp-content/audio/A8 Through Acceptance.mp3,http://www.cvltnation.com/wp-content/audio/A9 Constant Tubercular Exhaust.mp3|titles=Dead Instrument Side A] [audio:http://www.cvltnation.com/wp-content/audio/B1 First Wave.mp3,http://www.cvltnation.com/wp-content/audio/B2 Transitional Objects Of Pervertio.mp3,http://www.cvltnation.com/wp-content/audio/B3 Public Skeletons.mp3,http://www.cvltnation.com/wp-content/audio/B4 Radient Trauma.mp3,http://www.cvltnation.com/wp-content/audio/B5 Abortive Gasping.mp3,http://www.cvltnation.com/wp-content/audio/B6 Fundet I Straf.mp3,http://www.cvltnation.com/wp-content/audio/B7 Bodyload.mp3,http://www.cvltnation.com/wp-content/audio/B8 Pale Mirrors.mp3,http://www.cvltnation.com/wp-content/audio/B9 Abdication.mp3|titles=Dead Instrument Side A]

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Sean Reveron

Sean Reveron

  • The first of the 4 live pictures (picture 3 of 6), is not Dead Instrument.. It’s David, the guy from Undergang. 🙂