Exclusive CVLT Nation Streaming
Menace Ruine’s
Arsenikon: Faded In Discord

The new Menace Ruine record entitled Alight In Ashes will give the unknown worlds inside of you a new place to call home. From the very first day that I got it, I have listened to at least three times a day. For me, Alight In Ashes is a sonic voyage that will never get boring! This is why CVLT Nation is honored to be streaming the new Menace Ruine song “Arsenikon: Faded In Discord” below. The album will be released via Profound Lore on Oct. 2nd, and the vinyl version will be handled by Sige Records. Make sure to check out the tour posters for the upcoming Menace Ruine Northwest & European tours after the jump!

[audio:http://www.cvltnation.com/wp-content/audio/04. Arsenikon (faded in discord).mp3|titles=Arsenikon: faded in discord]

More dates to be announced soon

14/10 Vienna, Austria
15/10 Zagreb, Croatia
16/10 Velenje, Slovenia
17/10 Bologna, Italy
18/10 Milan, Italy
19/10 Neuchatel, Switzerland
21/10 Paris, France
23/10 Brussels, Belgium
24/10 Liege, Belgium
25/10 Amsterdam, Holland
26/10 Bochum, Germany
27/10 Karlsruhe, Germany
28/10 Berlin, Germany
30/10 Wroclaw, Poland
31/10 Warsaw, Poland
02/11 Riga, Latvia
03/11 Tallinn, Estonia
04/11 Helsinki, Finland

Poster design by S., drawing by Faith Coloccia

(Source: mamiffer)

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