CVLT Nation Streaming:
STORM{O} – “D’Istanti”

Hailing from Belluno, an Alpine town embedded in the Dolomites of Northern Italy, come STORM{O}, a young and fucking annihilating hardcore band who’s debut album Sospesi Nel Vuoto Bruceremo In Un Attimo E Il Cerchio Sara’ Chiuso drops on 12″ Vinyl LP on Shove Records, Désordre Ordonné, Fallo Dischi, Dischi Bervisti, Here and Now! Records, Epileptic Media, La Fine, Left Hand, and Strom Records on February 21st. Streaming below is a track taken from the forthcoming opus, the face-ripping D’Istanti, a devastating slab of twisting and spiraling evolved hardcore that clearly shows how fucking punishing this album is going to be.

[audio:http://www.cvltnation.com/wp-content/audio/06 – D’Istanti.mp3|titles=STORM{O} – D’Istanti]


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  • Luca Rocco


    Mi restano addosso i pezzi del tuo odore,
    le schegge delle tue dita.

    Dal mio letto sento il peso dei tuoi capelli sullo sterno.
    Da ognuno di loro una minuscola crepa.

    Diminuisce la distanza tra me e te,
    aumenta la distanza tra me e l’aria.


    “FAR AWAY”

    Parts of your smell, splinters of your fingers,
    left over me.

    From my bed I feel the weight of your hair on my breastbone.
    From each one, a tiny crack.

    Decreasing the distance between me and you,
    increasing the distance between me and air.

  • JJDessalines04

    che bomba!

  • Luca Rocco