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For their all too brief but imposing lifespan, Trenches produced some of the most forward thinking heavy music to come out of Ireland in the past decade. The Galway band’s ton weight three guitar assault had its’ own field of gravity, was a titanic and multifaceted onslaught that had a heft that was emotional as much as physical. I have a memory that will always stay with me of seeing them at least once, in the upstairs room in a bar in Galway one summer night where – no word of a lie – they played a set that rivalled only prime time Neurosis for sheer intensity.

Trenches were special, basically.

And Trenches are no more. The band dissolved quietly earlier on this year with only a self released eponymous ep and a split 12″ with Drainland. Obviously having been a member of the latter band I am both biased and priveleged to have been involved with their history. Unbeknownst to me though, in spite of the band’s end, there was one final recording. And the band have now entrusted these two final songs to Cvltnation to stream so that you, dear readers, may have the pleasure of hearing the band’s dying breaths.
trenches house of no repair mp3
trenches rift mp3
untitled 2012

I’ll hand you over to now to guitarist Gab for a brief note on the origin of these recordings:

“The songs were originally recorded in early 2012. And were meant to go on a split with Diet pills (then they broke up) and so we had kept them for a split with State Icons. But after all the difficulties and line up changes in 2012 the band ended, state icons also broke up at the end of 2012 so the songs remained unreleased. I still hope to one day release them in some shape or form but for now we will only be doing a download version.

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CVLT Nation Streaming
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