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WINDHAND’s “Amaranth”

I know one split that is going to end up on our end of the year list already. It’s the down-tuned masterpiece entitled Reflection of the Negative featuring Richmond’s heaviest: COUGH & WINDHAND. Both bands prove why they have fans worldwide that fucking love their music to be the soundtrack to their THC journey. COUGH is going to bang you in the head with one track that times out at 18:31. WINDHAND is going to spark your inner highness with two amazing tracks. Today it’s our honor to be streaming WINDHAND’s track “Amaranth” below…Reflection of the Negative will be released on April 16th via Relapse (Pre-Order HERE) and stay tuned for our full review!

02 Amaranth


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Sean Reveron

Sean Reveron

  • Phaseinducer

    Probably the best use of female vocals used in this context that I’ve heard yet next to Runhild Gammelsæter.

  • davidgore


  • oh heeeeel yeeeah! down down down…xxx/

  • can’t wait… any LONGER!

  • My favorite band going right now. Fucking brutal.

  • Dangerously good tone!! This is awesome.