Exclusive<br/> CVLT Nation Video Premiere:<br/> Gnaw Their Tongues & Alkerdeel “Dyodyo Asema”

CVLT Nation Video Premiere:
Gnaw Their Tongues & Alkerdeel “Dyodyo Asema”

by November 19, 2013 6 comments

Heavy as FUCK! Gloomy as FUCK! Demented as FUCK! Just some of the thoughts that come to my mind as I watch the visual for the new sonic collaboration between Gnaw Their Tongues & Alkerdeel entitled “Dyodyo Asema”. This video is a perfect interpretation of what you are about to hear and see! CVLT Nation is honored to be premiering this Gnaw Their Tongues & Alkerdeel piece of visual torment. This project was put together to help celebrate the fifth anniversary of Consouling Sounds…CVLT Nation salutes the bands and the label for a job well done!…Pre-Order HERE January 13th is the release date!


  • SatanMyMaster

    This shit is terrifying

  • cereal

    This is the shit.

  • Mikael Ensrud

    This was certainly… strange.

  • Taylor Bland

    This site really could use a boost in the comment section. Just sayin.. as one of the better (my go to btw) metal blogs out there I’m surprised there isn’t a more vocal audience.

    • http://www.cvltnation.com/ CVLT Nation

      Thanks for the support and comment…people are slowly catching on to commenting, but I wish they did more too! It’s good to hear what our readers have to say.

      • Taylor Bland

        exactly. Don’t fear the troll. Not that I hope to see any