Exclusive Full EP Premiere: CULT OF EXTINCTION’s “Black Nuclear Magick Attack”

German one-man bestial war metal abomination CULT OF EXTINCTION have created a pestilent and apocalyptically fucking DECIMATING debut release like none other. Black Nuclear Magick Attack is hideous error of creation spawned from a place of utter wretchedness and spite. It is the sound of one man going over the edge, vomiting out all the hatred accumulated in his life in the span of thirteen godless, malefic, and fucking crippling minutes, in which the sole laws of sanity and decency seem to have been mocked, humiliated, and annihilated beyond repair. In their debut EP this human aberration seems to have taken the savagery and mindless violence of bands like Revenge, Nuclearhammer, Necroholocaust to a new implausible extreme. Speeds and tempos reach the point of ridicule while the low end crush depth is taken over the edge, creating a swarming and bellowing howl of terror that devours the speakers. Nothing in this miscreant release follows any rule of logic or rationality. All seems to be put in the hands of circumstance and of total mindless entropy, with complete chaos just reining unchallenged, crushing everything under its inescapable iron fist.

Black Nuclear Magick Attack comes out on March 30 through Sentient Ruin (US tape and 7″ – available on their store and or Bandcamp) and from France’s Atavistm Records (EU tape and 7″ – available here).



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