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Come a little closer, so I can drop some negative psychedelics on your tongue…Fuck that, just know that you need the band WOLFBAIT in your life, because their new tape (via Art For Blind) is the kind of sonic brain damage that will make you happy. All 8 songs are laced with that shizz that will make you sick and mad in the head! WOLFBAIT know how to use the force of hardcore and weave it into an almost industrial basket of insane riffs. This band has fucking raised the bar when it come to tweaking a genre into their own audio likeness. Is WOLFBAIT heavy as concrete boots? Yes, and they will break your bones against their sinister walls of melody. Vocally, the singer sounds like maggots have eaten away at his voice box while he screams like van Gogh cutting his ear off. Which brings me to the point: WOLFBAIT has a weirdo art vibe to them that I really dig and I feel it gives them a different view on the way they write their songs. They incorporate bugged out noise effects into their mountains of sludge that only make me like them even more. From the very first moment I heard this band, I knew they were special, because their is something really awesome happening in Ireland right now. I guess you could say I’m fucking hooked on the WOLFBAIT, and you should be to! This is also a message to all bloggers reading this: spread the word! And to all heavy music weirdos: get with the program! WOLFBAIT’s tape should be on many end of the year lists if it was up to me! If you don’t believe me, check out the WOLFBAIT tape streaming below!

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Sean Reveron

Sean Reveron

  • Hey great review but just a slight correction on the label. It’s being released by Art For Blind Records but will be available through the Viral Age Distro.