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Brooklyn-based photographer Carrie Whitney has an ambitious project in the works, and she needs our help! She is re-releasing her 97 compilation, All About Friends, with music from C.R., Coalesce, Botch, Threadbare, Indecision, Trial and more, as a double LP limited vinyl release of 1000 (333 on colored vinyl), featuring silkscreened, hand-made covers and a 12 page full color booklet. The booklet is a fanzine celebrating the friendship and creativity of the contributing bands and photographers, and features contributions from Bricks Avalon, Greg Bennick, Brian Cook, Justin Borucki, Rebecca Bolte, Tim Fears, Markus Shaffer, Dean Landry and many more. To get involved, visit her Kickstarter campaign, which ends on March 15th, 2012, and pledge $1 or more to support the release of this epic compilation. For a variety of pledges, you can get anything from digital downloads, to gorgeous vinyl, to tickets to the record release show at St. Vitus Bar in Brooklyn, to posters and t-shirts, to prints of some of Carrie Whitney’s live photography, to all of the above. It’s a win-win situation for everyone involved, but it means we have to get involved to make it happen. After the jump, check out all the details, photos and tracklistings, and make sure to check out the Kickstarter campaign for all the info and to see how you can support this project!

These are excerpts from the little write ups that a few band members are contributing to the comp’s booklet. These quotes are taken wildly out of context but they make you want to read more none the less! – Carrie

“We could have covered something way more interesting like “Beat It” or “U Can’t Touch This”? Ah, hindsight. Always 20/20.” – Greg Bennick from Trial and Between Earth & Sky

“The music was a graceful brutality, the shows were an energy that can never be described in a million words, and the camaraderie bled for each other.” – Bricks Avalon of C.R.

“Dialogue went from skateboarding, to music, and to playing music. Jay had a little setup in his garage and we jammed for the first time.” – June Cate of I Wish I and Impel

“We busted out the song in the cramped quarters of his makeshift home studio over the course of an afternoon, leaving in a clearly audible fuck-up in the bass department.” – Brian Cook of Botch, These Arms Are Snakes and Russian Circles

All About Friends Forever – 2xLP Compilation

Double LP limited vinyl release of 1000 (333 on colored vinyl) on silkscreened, hand-made covers (art shown is not final) with a 12 page full color booklet. Promotional t-shirts and posters available.

Vol. 1 – Remastered original compilation:
C.R. Compassion Revolution – Moss
Coalesce – Cutting Away
Botch – The Lobster Song
Jough Dawn Baker – Five Twenty Four
State Route 522 – Jumpin’ Someone Else’s Train
Threadbare – Vitality
Impel – Call It What You Will
Indecision – Slave
Trial – Crucified
Nineiron Spitfire – Dead
Screwjack – Artifact
Bonus brand new tracks:
Harvest – Unnatural Disaster
I Wish I – Telepathy

Vol. 2 – Brand new compilation:
When Tigers Fight – Blood Calls for Blood
Between Earth & Sky – Here & Now
Torchbearer – Custer’s Revenge
The Firebird Suite – U-R-E-G
Heiress (guest vocals by Tad) – Last Nail
Helms Alee – Magic Man
Olde Ghost – Ghost
Children of God – Silent War
Great Falls – Wingwalker
The Goddamn Rattlesnake – Christie Road
Steve Brodsky -The Ghost
Regents/Ladder Devils (guest vocals by J. Robbins) -TBA
Tiger Flowers/Meek is Murder – Japam

You can read about this project more in a interview with Carrie here:

With the success of this project, Carrie and Rich are hoping to continue promoting friendship, music and art in the future. This comp is the first step towards building a record label and publishing company!


The 12 Page (11″x11″) booklet will contain photography by Carrie Whitney, Justin Borucki, Rebecca Bolte, Tim Fears, Markus Shaffer, Dean Landry and many more. It will also reflect on the original All About Friends comp and the past 15 years in hardcore with contributions from Bricks Avalon, Greg Bennick, Brian Cook and many more!

T-Shirts will be brown with black ink and available in the women’s or men’s size of your choice.

11×14 (Pledge $85) or 16×20 (Pledge $115) photographic prints available from Carrie Whitney:
















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