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Hawkwind are the foundation from where many bands start! They are one of the bands that mastered the heavy sound early! Hawkwind also bridged the gap between the freaks, hippies & punks. I’m not even going to write about how many bands that they influenced. I will say this though – some of their best music was made with the king of speed as their lead singer, LEMMY. On a personal level, I love puffing on a happy spliff & blasting Hawkwind. A couple of years ago, there was one of the coolest documentaries made about their musical journey. What I took from this film is that how important the whole artistic community was to them & that a concert should be more that just a show, it should be an experience. So after the jump, take a trip into the Hawkwind universe & check out this awesome documentary.

Hawkwind The Lemmy era…

HAWKWIND Documentary after the jump!

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sharon needles
sharon needles
4 years 8 months ago

Smoke bud drop out ov prison… Werd!,.