80’s Speed Metal Record Covers
Hate Fear Power pt.1

I guess my first drug of choice was album art. It started off with 70’s funk covers for Parilment, Funkadelic, Bootsy Cameo and the list goes on. These bands went all out for sure – me and my cousins would spend hours gazing at different records in amazement. As I got older and found my own tribe, 80’s hardcore records became the new kind of art that got me high. Around ’83 something happened: I started listening to metal bands who wanted to be punks. This was the start of the golden era of Crossover, aka Speed Metal. This genre had an iconography all it’s own, and I would go to my homies’ cribs or record stores to get my fix. So today we are featuring some of our favorite 80’S Thrash/Speed Metal covers. After the motherfucking jump, it’s time to step back in time, to an era when punk & metal heads banged in unity!…This is part one…

80’S Thrash/Speed Metal covers after the jump!

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