FUCK  YEAH CRUST PANTS: <br/>In Crust We Trust <br/>PART TWO by June 8, 2012 3 comments

My fascination with the art of the crust pants continues – this is why I have just put together Fuck Yeah Crust Pants…In Crust We Trust Part Two. The objective is the same: to gather a heap of stench-filled flicks and share them with the world! To know how I feel about this DIY art form, read what I had to say below about Part One:

CVLT Nation Says:
I can’t front, my fascination with crust pants started in 1983, because I had older heads around me who had killer pants. While living in San Francisco during the 80′s, I started expressing myself with a needle & thread, but I really made my raddest pair in the early 2000′s. While living in Seattle, I began a pair of pants that took over my life; I would spend hours sewing on patches. During this time, I realized something: that I felt a tremdeous calming effect with every patch that I finished, and even now it’s great way for me to relax. When I see someone rocking a pair, I don’t care what country I’m in, I still get excited and I can’t help but stare. I have mega amounts of respect for people who take the time create a killer crust pants, because I know that they are a labor of blackened love. I also find it really interesting the way that every pair tells a different story, but they also connect the wearer to a worldwide tribe. The spirit of D.I.Y is totally alive, and has been passed down from punks to punks. Today CVLT Nation has put together a gallery of crust pants images that spans a least three decades, maybe even longer! So after the jump, check how humans have taken what’s around and created wearable art!

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  • Isaac Lopez

    I’m wearing a pair of these right now, and it feels good.

  • http://kenleekauthor.com Ken

    I always called these patch pajamas, especially if they have the matching patch-laden hoodie to match.

    Laurenorder, I would love to see some crusty patch skirts!

  • laurenorder

    why are all the pictures of blokes wearing crust pants?? what about us ladies that wear crust pants (or crusty skirts!!) i used to have an awesome pair of patched jeans..until some wanker stole them from one of my bags when i was between houses…strange that someone would take something so personal, it took me years to make them!!! theyre probably on ebay now….