Fuck Yeah PEACE PUNKS <br/>Let’s Keep Up The Real Fight! by February 6, 2012 0 comments

Guess what? I’m a weirdo, and I really don’t give a fuck. I know that our past is connected to our future. This is why I will never forget my first time seeing and hearing my first CRASS album; it had a huge impact on my life. Other British peace punk bands and labels that helped to spark my interest in politics at an early age. Back in the day, all of the bands that were on Spiderleg Records & Mortarhate had my attention. The music that I was listening to at this time spoke to the realities that we were all facing – the threat of nuclear war, Ronald Reagan, the War on Drugs and Apartheid. The world’s peace punks banded together to fight for justice. This movement still inspires people, and you see youth today opening their eyes to what’s really going on – unjust wars & corporate greed! When they say that pictures are worth a thousand words. there is truth in that. So today, CVLT Nation has put together a photo gallery of Peace Punks from around the world during the mid 80’s. After the jump, check out these flicks, but realize: it’s still up to us to keep up the good fight!

Most photos from LONGLIVEDEATH