Fuck Yeah…Punk Jackets by June 10, 2011 0 comments

I just discovered a new tumblr dedicated to punk jackets. I have a special affinity for punk jackets, having spent almost a month & a half making one for Sean’s birthday last year. His wasn’t the typical punk jacket…there is no Discharge patch on it…it’s kind of a combination of gothic, metal, crust & doom-inspired. As far as punk jackets go, I especially appreciate the hand-painted ones, where the entire jacket becomes a canvas, because those take so much painstaking effort and really imbue the jacket with love. Fuck Yeah Punk Jackets appears to be run out of the UK by a couple of punks who go by the names of Rats & Booger, I think. But it is also a kind of open-source blog where people post their own creations, which is pretty awesome, because you get an unfiltered look at what people are making, even when the photos are shitty. I have assembled a gallery of some of the jackets I most liked from the site, including Sean’s…so check that out after the jump!

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