Full Album Stream: CHAOS MOON ‘Eschaton Mémoire’

Haunting melodies meet scathing riffs and blastbeats in the new release from Philadelphia’s Chaos Moon entitled Eschaton Mémoire. This is a violently beautiful album, sounds that encompass you with a gorgeous atmosphere, all the while pummelling you with cold rage. I can feel the fear of life’s end with a sharp insistence in this offering, but also the ultimate peace of the void it brings with it. Blood Music is channeling Chaos Moon’s Eschaton Mémoire starting November 17th, and you can pre-order it right here and now. We’re very happy to be sharing Eschaton Mémoire in full with you below…and check out the excellent cover art by Jef Whitehead.


Eschaton Mémoire, in some ways, is a summary of our complete body of work. The dominant voices throughout each ‘era’ of Chaos Moon‘s existence were extracted and smelted down, but retaining its own unique identity among the rest of the discography. Extra care was given to its themes and concepts; the end of spirituality, physical existence, and concepts beyond human comprehension. The juxtaposition of feral urgency, anxiety, and serenity. Finding peace with nothingness, abandoning everything.



Art by Jef Whitehead



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