Full Album Stream: Jozef van Wissem ‘Nobody Living Can Ever Make Me Turn Back’

Tomorrow, one of our favorite avante-garde labels and home to Church of Ra, Consouling Sounds, is set to release the fantastical new record from Jozef van Wissem entitled Nobody Living Can Ever Make Me Turn Back. He based the record around the stunning painting by Belgian artist Cindy Wright that graces its cover. Says Wissem, the album is “informed by renaissance visual art, and serves as a parallel to updated classical lute pieces,” with each song title making reference to the painting. Not only am I completely enamoured of the artwork that inspired this album, but the music itself is the perfect balance of confrontation and meditation and has me completely captivated. I recently suffered a devastating loss, and this music feels like it is reading the pain and gratitude etched on my soul. You can pre-order Nobody Living Can Ever Make Me Turn Back from Counsouling Sounds right here, and make sure to check out van Wissem’s upcoming live dates below.


Art: Cindy Wright


Nov 12 Ancienne Belgique – Brussels
Nov 17 Parish Church of ST Servul, Buje
Nov 18 Chiesa Luterana, Trieste
Nov 25 L’aquilone, Liege
Nov 29 21 Southend Cultural Centre, Southend-O-Sea
Nov 30 Baba Yaga’s Hut, The Old Church, London
Dec 1 Baba Yaga’s Hut, The Old Church, London
Dec 5 Dong – Recanati
Dec 6 L’ anificio – Rome
Dec 8 Sottoscala 9 – Latina
Dec 9  CsC – Shio
Dec 11 Chiesa Domenicana – Bolzano
Dec 12  Teatro del Verme – Milan (duo with Ludovico Einaudi)
Dec 13 Teatro dal Verme – Milan
Tour dates updated here: http://www.jozefvanwissem.com/tour/
Photo credit: Andrei Musat

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