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A Rare GLORIOUS DIN 1986 Full Set
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Watching this video gives me chills and brings me back to one of the most inspiring nights I ever had in my life! While living in San Francisco in ’84, I got the chance to see a rare show by TRIAL that totally blew my mind, but GLORIOUS DIN, who opened that night, transformed me. That night I realized I must start a band, and the next day me and my homie Gary started D & E (DIVERSE & EFFECTIVE). GLORIOUS DIN was one of the most outstanding post punk bands to ever create music, but what’s interesting is that most people have never heard of them. This is why CVLT Nation is so ultra stoked to share with you a very rare video of a GLORIOUS DIN concert from 1986. THIS BAND CREATED TIMELESS MUSIC THAT STILL MOVES ME TO THIS DAY!


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