Ground Zero: Infinity Dose: SPK 1981 Full Set

This is just next level awesomeness – SPK performing Brickworks in 1981. This band was so ahead of their time it’s really hard to put into words!



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Sean Reveron

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Benedict Culm

As an early convert to industrial music in general, I was into SPK from their very early and scary beginnings and the one cassette recording on sterile records that really blew my mind was ‘Live At The Crypt’. This is the result when someone of most exceptional talent and vision makes a concious and concerted effort to create some of the most disturbing music, visuals and ideology ever created on par with Throbbing Gristle.

Bill Quarry

They might have done a show there in 81, but they definitely did in ’82. I remember it well as my own band played its first gig the next day. Interesting things going on in Sydney back then