Heads Will Roll…A Stellar 1983
Echo and The Bunnymen
Full Gig Now Showing!

I had a blast growing up in the 80’s, and by 1984 I started to feel really confident about my place in the world. I was 15, living on my own in San Francisco, and totally entrenched into post punk and death rock. I loved Echo and The Bunnymen, even if some people might have considered them new wave. In my book, they were wrong, because this band wrote killer tunes that transcended that lightweight genre. As songwriters, Echo and The Bunnymen were in a league all of their own. They were one of the few groups that could unify the different tribes that were separated by labels or musical “boxes.” Today, CVLT Nation would like to celebrate this killer band by showing their 1983 show on Rockpalast in full. Peep how heads will roll after the jump and enjoy Echo and The Bunnymen at their peak!

Zeche Bochum 05.03.1983

Set list
01 Going Up
02 With A Hip
03 Gods Will Be Gods
04 Show Of Strenght
05 Zimbo (All My Colours)
06 The Cutter
07 Rescue
08 My White Devil
09 Porcupine
10 Crocodiles
11 All That Jazz
12 Back Of Love
13 Heads Will Roll
14 Heaven Up Here
15 Over The Wall
16 Do It Clean
17 Villiers Terrace
18 No Dark Things
19 A Promise

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Sean Reveron

Sean Reveron

  • greet

    I am most into metal but like other music as well echo and the bunnymen was one of my (other music) favs in the ’80 , thnx for posting 🙂

  • MG

    Great post! Good to know I’m not the only old crank here. Again, what is interesting about Cvlt Nation: not only metal but other, totally relevant, stuff. Now, if those kids could open their horizons a bit wider…