At the Heart of the World Rotting Forms Album Premiere Stream

Seeping down from the Pacific Northwest, At the Heart of the World are ready to bring the hammer down with their debut album, Rotting Forms. Shifting from industrial crush to distorted expanses to electronic haze, ATHOTW brings together Ruiner guitarist Danny Porter and Joshua Greene of Hands of Thieves, whose combined efforts unleash what will certainly be counted among 2018’s heaviest, most uncompromising releases.

At seven tracks, Rotting Forms is a seismic wonder, quaking from beginning to end with existential fury and thunderous walls of static guitar and murderous synth. Engineered and mixed by Derek Moree and mastered by Brad Boatright, ATHOTW’s debut is a clear, focused work of intensity that acts as the missing link between legends Godflesh and contemporaries, Youth Code. Today, CVLT Nation is pleased to premiere Rotting Forms in full. Set for a release on 1/26, Rotting Forms can be preordered from Glory Kid Ltd.



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