Heavy Days In Doom Town
Full Sets Feat.
Graves At Sea: Cough: Mournful Congregation

On May 2nd through 5th, a very special festival took place for it’s second year in a row – Heavy Days In Doom Town. The lineup was packed with some of the most killer heavy bands out right now around the world. Today CVLT Nation wants to celebrate HDDT’s 2nd year with a video essay featuring full sets from Graves At Sea, Cough and Mournful Congregation, and after watching this footage you might just book your ticket for next year’s fest! We we would like to salute everyone who put on this unreal DIY experience and much respect due to Astrid Tonella – check out her photos from this years Heavy Days In Doom Town here…She also had a photo exhibit at this years fest. Now spark a big split and peep two hours worth of DOOM!




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Sean Reveron

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