“HEAVY HOUR” Featuring
LAUDANUM & LOSS Now Showing!

Heavy Music is Power. This is a “Heavy Hour” brought to you by two fine examples of American Heaviness.

Laudanum is a crushing band that features the talents of Nathan Misterek from Graves at Sea on Vocals, Sal from Asunder on Bass, and combined with the punishing power duo of Becky on Drums and Judd on Guitar. They’ve been punishing ear drums for the better part of a decade now and this was one of my favorite performances of theirs.

Loss footage after the jump!

Loss is an epic Doom band from Nashville that was touring the Northwest with another really Profound(Lore) band called Worm Ouroboros. This was their first tour to The Bay Area and I wanted to make sure to document this awesome performance. Let the misery wash over you. This is their full set.

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