Exclusive CVLT Nation Streaming:<br/>Horseback “On the Eclipse”

Exclusive CVLT Nation Streaming:
Horseback “On the Eclipse”

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On August 20th, 2013, A Plague of Knowing will descend upon Horseback fans everywhere. This collection of rarities and singles encompasses tracks from compilations, vinyl only recordings, demos, live recordings and previously unreleased Horseback material from 2007-2012. For anyone who values the immense contribution Horseback has made to music, this is a must have collection, which will be put out on 3CD and digital formats via Relapse. There will only be 2000 copies made of the first pressing, and you can pre-order the deluxe three disc digi-wallet with sticker HERE. Today CVLT Nation is honored to be streaming a track from A Plague of Knowing, entitled “On the Eclipse.” Sit back and daydream while Horseback rides with you into oblivion.


“From the beginning, this project has been about personal revelation and the creative processes that lead to a deeper — and broader — understanding of the Self and the world. Horseback has been, and will continue to be, an exploration of the darkest of shadows and the simplest of joys.
Though each of Horseback’s full-lengths has been carefully sculpted into a semblance of unity, the process is never really pure. Where there is purity, there is lack: a poverty of the whole, a void of meaning. The mangled forms on display in this collection are stitches in a larger fabric, however unsightly they may seem. There is no hidden knowledge, only the viral horror of understanding. The flags read ‘Revelation, if it kills us; give us a plague of knowing.'”

A Plague of Knowing Tracklisting:
Disc 1 – Singles, Splits and Rarities

1. On the Eclipse
2. High Ashen Slab
3. Another World
4. Heathen Earth
7. Thee Cult of Henry Flynt
8. Oblivion Eaters
9. Broken Orb
10. TV Eye (Live)

Disc 2 – Stolen Fire (Expanded)
1. Stolen Fire
2. Murdered
3. Retribution
4. Do You Have a True Feeling? (Plagued Version)
5. Luciferian Theme
6. North Star Struck (Plagued Version)
7. Transparency (Murdered Again)
8. Blood Loop
9. Clattering Info Aggregators
10. Recite
11. Do You Have a True Feeling? (Stolen Fire Version)
12. North Star Struck (Destroyed Demo Version)

Disc 3 – Impale Golden Live
1. Impale Golden Live
2. A Plague of Knowing

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