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SLEEP 1992 Full Set
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Excuse me while I light my bong, because I’m about to watch the wizards of doom. Here we have a video of SLEEP from 1992 killing shit at Che Cafe in San Diego. Yeah, the video is a little ruff, but who cares…the sound is good and you can totally feel the vibe! So after the jump, check out SLEEP planting THC in your brain! Stonerdelic respect to Killthatcat for putting us up on this footage.

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Sean Reveron

Sean Reveron

  • Delco87

    Never mind, 1992 IS the year they played at the Off Ramp in Seattle – same tour. IOMMI!!!

  • Delco87

    Are you sure that’s not 1993?

  • LeGrisbi

    This is speed metal compared to how it ended up on the album.