HUA†A Atavist Of Mann Review

French Doom wizards Hua†a‘s most recent full-length, Atavist Of Mann, out now via Throatruiner Records (FR), Boue Records (FR), Mordgrimm (UK), Odio Sonoro (ES) & Psychedoomelic (OST), is a fucking a classic album. I have been getting high on this release for months now, and with each listen it just gets heavier! Hua†a has been able to take a vintage sonic vision and turn it into something that truly sounds original. One of their secret weapons is the mammoth amount of heart & soul that goes into every note. When you hear their tune “Lords Of The Flame,” you have no choice but to recognize their groovy dirty glory. The way that Hua†a wrote this song is fucking beyond stonerdelic. They have parts that sound like all of their emotions crashing against huge melodic walls of infinity. Another thing that this band is master of is guiding you down heavy street, before taking a detour into transcendental valley – where only space and feedback are allowed to exist. When the baseline to “Thee Imperial Wizard” kicks in, you will run for your bong, because you know this song will only enhance your high without a doubt. I can’t forget the vocal delivery on Atavist Of Mann is perfect. Hua†a have been able to create and capture the atmosphere that they wanted to when they made this album. At times, when blasting this record, I feel like I’m in an ancient cave at the beginning of time, and other times I feel like I’m floating above humanity. Trust me when I say this: you will get lost in their majestic breakdowns that feel like a vortex to another reality. I guess you could say that Hua†a has manifested a collection of songs that embody the audio harmony of the underworld. Is there one weak moment on this album? Hell no, plus it clocks in at over 60 minutes, which gives your high the right amount of time to get higher! I have a wish to see them perform live with some of my other favorite bands, but in the meantime, I will be sewing my Hua†a patch on to my jacket this weekend. If you buy one new doom record this year, make sure its called Atavist Of Mann. Don’t be surprised if this record makes our top albums of the year list! Kneel at the altar of the heavy.

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Sean Reveron

Sean Reveron

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