I Am Legion- Mutilation Rites New 12″ Track Premiere

US Black Metal has become it’s own separate entity from its Scandanavian forefathers. Young bands across the country have cross pollinated genres and injected unique flavors into the genre, expanding upon the potential first realized in those early bands. Oshkosh record label Gilead Media has already worked with some of the most prominent names in USBM including Fell Voices, Ash Borer and more recently Barghest and False. Now the label is set to release “I Am Legion,” a new 12″ record from Brooklyn’s Mutilation Rites. This scathing black metal band has already been winning people over with an excellent demo and a furious live show. So far the band has released a tape and a split record with fellow NYC band Batillus. Now they return with the aural and visual feast that is “I Am Legion.”

The sound of Mutilation Rites is intense. Their delivery and execution is powerful. pummeling black metal melds with thrash and solid groove. The vocals on this record more than match the ferocity of the music, burning a path through the blasting drums and shredding guitar as is displayed on opener “Cloaca Maxima.” The song effortlessly switches from breakneck speed to infectious head-bobbing groove.
Cloaca Maxima

“I Am Legion” is given an impeccable visual representation by renowned illustrator Reuben Sawyer of Rainbath Visual. The cover is his darkest creation yet as the artist fully delved into the dark side when conjuring visuals for the record while keeping his trademarked detail heavy atmospheric style. The record will contain three songs running 17 minutes on the A side with an etching on the B Side. This record will surely be a worthy addition to any collection, as well as a great jumping off point for anyone starting to get into the genre.
Mutilation Rites will be appearing at Gilead Fest alongside Ash Borer, Fell Voices, False, Thou, Loss and many more. More info and tickets here.

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Andy O)))

New shit sounds awesome! Can’t wait to see these guys at the Gilead Fest, their demo was my favorite release of 2011.