Ides of Gemini and Ghost BC <br/>at the El Rey <br/>Adam Murray Photo Essay

Ides of Gemini and Ghost BC
at the El Rey
Adam Murray Photo Essay

by May 3, 2013 0 comments
Whatever Ghost BC is doing, they seem to be excelling at it. I can’t say I’m a fan, but this show was sold out weeks in advance. The venue, not small by any means, was packed full of smiling fans singing along. The merch line was no less than 90 people long until everyone had a thirty dollar shirt and an LP in their hands. Those LPs sold out not more than a week or so into tour. I’m sure the dildos will sell out too, if they haven’t already. Now, I could attempt to delve into the Ghost spectacle, hypothesize the mystery, who/why and so on, but I think there’s been enough of that circulating already so I won’t bore you with more of it here. On with the show... IDES-GHOST-18 Ides of Gemini, the chosen opener for this tour, sounded better than I’ve heard them sound maybe ever, and it’s been many a time now. The house was already packed by the time they went on, and they had the crowd by their own brains’ balls. Their spacious rhythms trundled out upon the heads, curling the settling weed smoke into wispy fingers that snaked through the bodies, folding everyone into the aural snuggie. If you are not familiar with this band, do yourself a favor and get into it! The Ghost performance was impressive, as was expected. I spent a decent amount of time listening to the first album, and it was fun to hear those songs live. The masses were definitely excited. Big Papa did what he came to do, serenading us with those silky pipes and many sweeping arm gestures. The ghouls were actually much more animated than I had imagined, which was cool - they looked like guys who were playing music and having fun. The fog was thick and the lights were bright, and everyone at the El Rey had a good night. Best of luck to Ides of Gemini and Ghost BC on the rest of the tour! IDES-GHOST-1 IDES-GHOST-2 IDES-GHOST-4 IDES-GHOST-5 IDES-GHOST-6 IDES-GHOST-7 IDES-GHOST-9 IDES-GHOST-11 IDES-GHOST-12 IDES-GHOST-13 IDES-GHOST-14 IDES-GHOST-15 IDES-GHOST-17 IDES-GHOST-18 IDES-GHOST-19 IDES-GHOST-20 IDES-GHOST-21 IDES-GHOST-24 IDES-GHOST-25 IDES-GHOST-26 IDES-GHOST-27 IDES-GHOST-29 IDES-GHOST-31 IDES-GHOST-33 IDES-GHOST-34