New Imperium Dekadenz <br/><em>Meadows Of Nostalgia</em>

New Imperium Dekadenz
Meadows Of Nostalgia

by March 11, 2013

If you are looking for the soundtrack to a bleak dark day, look no further – Imperium Dekadenz release their new album entitled Meadows Of Nostalgia via Season of Mist on March 15th. This record is 9 tracks of epic melodic black metal, where each note has a story to tell. It’s our honor to be streaming Imperium Dekadenz Meadows Of Nostalgiain full below!
[audio: Piste 1.mp3, Piste 2.mp3, Piste 3.mp3, Piste 4.mp3, Piste 5.mp3, Piste 6.mp3, Piste 7.mp3, Piste 8.mp3, Piste 9.mp3|titles= ]