Inside the Female FightClub Berlin

Next time I hear a guy say anything about a woman being biologically incapable of measuring up to men at XYZ, I’m going to imagine his head being crushed by muscledom Anna Konda’s thighs until it pops like a pimple (FYI her inner thighs can crush coconuts). Konda is one of the wrestlers who runs the Female FightClub Berlin, along with fellow wrestler Red Devil – a club dedicated to women fighting women. For several hours, women battle each other – professionals, amateurs and total beginners are welcome to go buck wild on each other. Blood is drawn and pain is real. It’s inspirational to see women letting their aggression out in a healthy, and often disapproved of, way. I know that personally, I never have felt comfortable with the idea of physically fighting another person – until I had kids, that is; now I know that I would happily disembowel anyone attempting to hurt my daughters. Photographer Katarzyna Mazur has captured the brutality and beauty of their fights in her series entitled “ANNA KONDA.” You can check out her photos below, and the series is also available in book format here.



All photos copyright Katarzyna Mazur


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