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HARASSOR Review + More

Unhinged, unstable, untamed, uncivilized…these are all terms of endearment for Los Angeles primal black metal creators HARASSOR. This band produces the kind of ultra raw & unholy blackened bile that I dig so much in my black metal. Their music is maniacal nightmares come to life, where only the evol can survive. HARASSOR are masters at taking damaged distortion & injecting it with sinister grooves that are catchy in a subversive kind of way – before you know it you will be trapped inside their black trance. This band has a thrash punk aura that surrounds what they create, & to me only adds to the bands DIY creative demons. On songs like “Marching Abomination,” you can’t help but say, damn, these fuckers are a disease I want the world to infected with. HARASSOR’s vocalist is so full of nails at times it might feel like he is stabbing you in the brain. Musically speaking, they don’t take you on a one way ride, this bands’ music has many trap doors & behind each door each one there is a sonic ghoulie to greet you. HARASSOR’s album will poke you in the eyes until you bleed, & even then they will not stop. If you need a whole lot of blackened torment, this band will be your guide to the underworld. After the jump check out some gnarly videos & flicks!

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HARASSOR : Marching Abomination

HARASSOR : Glory Raped

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