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Written by Jason S

This is the first seven inch from ANCIENT FILTH, a brand new unit from Boston, Mass. There’s some brilliant new hardcore pressed into the grooves of this piece of wax. Start to finish, every song has raging energy and angst, there’s nothing dusty about any track on this seven inch. It’s kinda cool how a band can keep a lower profile and it just makes their music that much more impressive. I guess it must be because every fucking thing is spoon-fed to us in the information age. That being said, there are six intense tracks of hardcore punk with good mosh parts, breakdowns, riffing and several samples woven into the insanity that make this record more of an experience and just six songs. I’m not going to make any comparisons . Additionally, ANCIENT FILTH is right-on in the lyric department which makes them a double threat. Lately it’s been hard to find crazy awesome punk that also has well written lyrics. So anyway, ANCIENT FILTH’s lyrics are intelligent, pissed-off, and fucking straight-up smooth and their vocalist delivers them like a mad man. The seven inch comes with a screen printed poster/insert with the lyrics, explanations, an band info printed on the reverse.(Just a side note: My copy doesn’t have the arrow design on the front of the sleeve.)

This record is the shit! If you get a chance, get one of these. I have no doubt that we’ll be seeing more from ANCIENT FILTH, so get in on the ground floor. Badass!!!

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i just booked them and had their show in atlanta last night. they killed it! and they are seriously some of the nicest dudes i’ve ever met. everyone needs to check them out.