Liber Falxifer: The Book Of The Left Handed Reaper

I’m not an avid follower of metaphysical satanism such as the Temple of The Black Light or cultic sects of the black flame, though I came across this tome some time ago and finally decided to peer into it. I approached this book more as anthropology study than one of a doctrine or sacred book of myth. Thus I only was interested in the first half of the book entitled The Argentinian Cult of Senor La Muerte. This section is entirely true and based on several retellings, evidence, current practices and totems still alive today. It recalls the arcane rituals by the Argentian cult who are comprised of hundreds of thousands of members. The object of the adoration is the grim scythe bearer whom they called Senor La Muerte, represented as a skeleton clothed in black. The intentions revolving around these practitioners use special invocations to cast magic or transfer positive or negative energies to themselves and unto others. Such as cursing the dwelling place of enemies, preventing sickness, attraction, money and status, or deflective hexes. As man evolved it was evident that they developed a sense of spirituality*. I use this word to mean a subjective spirituality and not a fixed one. To them, the immense magical working of their master of death had powers to instill all of their wishes if the respect and rituals were carried out in accordance.

Feast days were held in Argentina devoted to this Senor, which were held at midnight until the sun came up. The music never stops at these feasts, and it is a grand orgy of carnal pleasures, food,ceremonious deeds, and interactions. After the feastings, their most adept would perform the rituals at home. The Culto Privado was one of the two cults that practiced black magic, the other was more religious based and were seen as fake. Within the private cult, special altars were arranged in honor of Senor La Muerte. Specific totems and offerings were made to the altar, like roasted pork ribs, cigars, wine, and black/red candles were arranged in triangles around it. Everything that was presented to him had to be thrown out after a few days by discarding them in a hollow of a tree or buried at a cemetary. Rites were also carried out at the graves, where the dark currents were supposedly more effective.

Within the book there are also listed rituals with lists of ingredients, such as incense blends, foods, talismans etc. pertaining to a different sort of means for each one. Along with chants of invocation to call forth Senor La Muerte to help them. These are held in highest regards for the cult that exists today. Whilst I still think the concept of having deities and magical rituals is absurd and a waste of time, this book might be interesting to those who live by its myth and are interested to know of different cultures.

Also for those who are interested in gnosticism of the left hand path and occult texts, this publisher has a plethora of books ready to be read.

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Wolf Ra

is anyone going to mention how utterly ridiculous it is to ask a non-practitioner to review a grimoire? how hard is it to find a reviewer who actually knows what they’re talking about?