Living a Dream: Now Showing “Summer In The Bay” Pt. 1

Banner photography via the brilliant work and minds of Thomas Couderc & Clément Vauchez

Over the past few months I have had the incredible opportunity to stay quite busy with playing and attending shows here in the bay area. I am a huge fan and supporter of the underground music and art scene, this year more than ever I’ve fulfilled many life dreams and played/attended some truly spectacular shows. Here’s a collection of sights and sounds that I’ve gathered this Summer.

Starting off, on 5/28/12, The grindcore band I play with, Your Enemy, opened for the legendary Nasum on their 20 Year Anniversary and Final Tour. Here’s a video of them performing “Inhale/Exhale”.

Brainoil played second. Generally, if Brainoil is playing second you know the show is a big deal. Here’s a video of them performing “Death Of This Dry Season & Feet Cling To The Rotting Soil”

My band opened, and usually im not into this sort of self publicity, but our friend filmed it on VHS and it looks pretty cool. For those whom are interested here’s a bit of our set.

On 6/1/12, I caught Uzala performing at The Oakland Music Complex. They are a Crushing Doom force out of Boise, featuring Nick Phit from Graves at Sea on Bass. Super Heavy and into it. Here’s a video of them performing “The Reaping”.

On 6/5/12 & 6/6/12, Your Enemy met up with our friends in Turbokrieg(P.L.F) and Needful Things(GRIDE/CZECH REPUBLIC) to support them out on tour in the bay. HumanxWaste, played with us on the first evening. This is them performing “Wave of Death”

Here is footage of Turbokrieg performing in this packed garage in San Francisco and also the following night in Oakland.

Here is footage of Needful Things(Ex-Gride) performing and the singer of the next band(Chet Wrecker) doing a front flip off of a very high locker. If you blink, you might miss it.

One of the openers of the show was Chet Wrecker, a new fast band that recently transplanted to the bay.

This same show marked the return of Crust Heavy’s, War Trash(Ex-Stormcrow/Population Reduction), who’ve been on hiatus for the past few years. They returned with a firestorm of energy.

Fast forward three days later and on 6/9/12 the legendary Massgrave was performing in a small bar in downtown Oakland. Here’s a few videos I snagged of their electrifying performance.

There’s still a couple more months of awesome shows and experiences to be had, so keep a look out for the continuation!

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