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Have you ever looked at a picture and knew you were looking at true evil that was actually real beauty? Nestor Avalos is a master of the dark arts of graphic design and morbid handmade illustrations. What separates him from many is that he draws from this world’s gruesome history to help create his scenes of pain and anguish. Nestor has a way of using shapes within the shadows to add to the torment. His imagery has a medieval quality and a ghost-like essence. His hand drawn pieces scream in the voices of the horrific demons that must be flying around his imagination as he scrawls them. Nestor’s work is rich in the truth that most people try to hide from. Today, CVLT Nation celebrates the dark wizard of art, Nestor Avalos – check out a gallery of his work after the jump!

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Sean Reveron

Sean Reveron

  • AzazelWrath

    Excellent work 

  • Red Nacional de Bibliotecas

    Pretty lame

  • Fuckin’ killing it. Such rad work.

  • Tyler Drainville

    These are great. That goat bishop is now my new iPhone background.

  • Nestor, I am so proud of you.