DEMO 2011

Doom seems to be enjoying a bit of a resurgence of late. Bands such as 40 Watt Sun, Dark Castle, Pallbearer and Yob are making doom, and all it’s infinite sub-genres, the “next big thing.” Possibly. And Lycus are another band to add to an ever growing list of groups that play this downtuned, funereal style of music.

Lycus call Oakland, California home, and share a member in common with the massively (and deservedly) hyped black metal outfit, Deafheaven. This though, is an altogether different beast.

Processional in nature, Resonance In Aether is bleak and unrelenting in it’s torment. Dark, fathomless vocals entrance you to the point of oblivion. You absolutely get lost in the depths of the music. Deep and rumbling bass and slowly beaten drums conjure an atmosphere akin to the most morbid wake you’ve never attended. This is heavy. This is slow. This is doom.

The second track, Among The Ruins is a masterful work of oppressive funeral doom. Intense and weighty, you can feel the burden generated by the agonisingly despondent vocal. Lycus have created one of the most exciting demo’s I’ve heard this year. Huge and laden with sorrow, this is a demo to propel the band into many end of year lists and beyond.

Aghast will leave you just that, mouth agape at the sounds contained within. A beautifully understated almost choral vocal accompanies the more traditional thick and low sung lines. And then the drums. Blast beats roll into the fray. The aforementioned Deafheaven’s Trevor Deschryver lending his sticksmanship to this project, and his black metal drum style certainly adds a whole other dimension to this final track. Pounding and rolling, again those sublime harmonies underpinning the deep roars. Stately. Just as it should be.

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  • Cheryl

    Yes, that would be incredible! A lot of people would be into that for sure.

  • Very nice review. Just found these guys yesterday and I’m loving the Demo. I didn’t realize there was a Deafheaven connection, just that they were playing shows with them. Need to get them on a split w/ Deafheaven and Lake of Blood!