Make Graves The Home Of Men…

Make Graves The Home Of Men is the name of the fantastic 2009 demo by New York’s Roman Cross. This release injected the art form of black metal with a whole new dose of blackened blood. This tape is 17 minutes of hateful beauty, spread out atop shreds of diseased, drenched distortion & feedback. At first, all you hear is static torment & rage, but underneath lie rivers of bloody sorrow, burnt delirium & electrified frenzy. Roman Cross creates songs that have pits of dark, hidden, ancient emotion which send you on a nightmarish odyssey. There is something very primitive about the way this band composes music which will mesmerize you. The vocalist on Make Graves The Home Of Men conjures his own version of the underworld with his murderous growl. Roman Cross’ production is lo-fi, gritty & super raw – it’s pure ear vomit in the best sense of the word. So after the jump, follow us & download this rad Roman Cross tape.

Roman Cross : Pure Landscape

Roman Cross : Pure Landscape Make Graves The Home Of Men download HERE!

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