In The Bay Video Essay:
Pt. 5 Featuring Live Footage From:
Lycus, Fell Voices, Caffa & More

The Bay Area Rules. Being apart of an active and diverse scene is really amazing. Here are some videos that I’ve captured during the last month of Summer In The Bay 2012.

On 9/14/12, I headed a few blocks down from my house to a killer basement/house show that my friends in Lycus were hosting.

Lycus is a doom metal band from Oakland/Sacramento California and this is a new song of their’s that they are planning on recording this winter. Daniel from Your Enemy joined Lycus recently and this was his first local show with the band:

Whirr (formerly Whirl) is a shoegaze band from Modesto/Oakland California. This band features the talents of Nick Bassett, former guitarist of local indie rockers deafheaven. If you dug that aspect of the band – you’ll probably really appreciate this band.

Usnea is a new Heavy band from Portland, Oregon. Zeke the drummer from Amarok/The Makai plays in this band. This was their first tour:

On 9/15/12, I headed over to Eli’s in hopes of catching my friends in Queefer Sutherland(Shittyfucker) & Night Nurse. I missed Queefer but caught some NN.

Night Nurse is a new band from Portland that features members of Blood Freak and Sanctum. This was their first tour and they fucking rule:

On 9/20/12 I headed over to The Oakland Metro to catch Fell Voices and Ash Borer.

Fell Voices is one of my favourite bands here in the bay area. Their drummer lives in New York and plays in another metal band called Ruin Lust. Fell Voices plays the Bay Area about once a year and it’s always really special when you get to catch them perform. They don’t use mics and their drummer is a fucking maniac:

Ash Borer is a black metal band from Arcata, California. Throughout the past couple of years these guys have been playing some really incredible shows in the Bay Area. This one was no different. This band rules and their catalog of music is worth checking out if you are unfamiliar with them. One of the gems of the “Cascadian” scene.

On 9/22/12 I went back to The Oakland Metro to catch my friends in Cyanic performing.

Cyanic is a brutal metal band from San Jose, California. Fronted by Andre Cornejo, former vocalist of Casket Blaster – as well as the insanely methodical drumming of Jason Bursese from Black Fucking Cancer. Highly Satanic Brutal Death Metal infected with an appreciation for Black Metal and Grind. This band rules:

On 9/29/12 we threw a show in a warehouse space.

Bädr Vogu is a sludge band from Oakland, California. Their demo just got re-released on the Spanish label Memento-Mori and they have an official record coming out next month through Hermit Records. This is a new song that they’ve been working on:

Here’s another new Lycus track:

On 10/6/12 Your Enemy was set to play back to back shows in support of Endless Demise In The Bay. ED bailed – but we grinded regardless. The first show was with Cave Troll, Side Effects, Your Enemy, & War Trash.

Your Enemy – This venue is one of my favourite places here in town for shows. This was our second time getting to play here as we also played the year before for the “last” D.H.C. show. Venues like this one are so incredibly important to helping out the kids in the scene. Places that punks can go to and feel safe around their friends and other like minded individuals are incredibly crucial to maintaining a scene. Support your local venues and the people in your scene trying to make a difference. This was a really fun show, thanks to Jason(JDAJOINT) for filming this:

War Trash is a crust band from Oakland that features Jason, ex lead guitarist of Stormcrow, Justin from Population Reduction/Scolex as well as Gregg Deadface from Your Enemy on Drums. Needless to say these guys fucking rule:

The next day we headed out to Concord for a BBQ show with friends.

Burntroach is a new hazed induced band from Concord, California. Their guitarist, Jason, used to play in Wake The Machines. We played this same house before with them in all their nakedness. Carlos who is playing drums is also the man behind & formerly of Antagony. This was their first show.

Assumptions is a hardcore punk band from Danville, California. I saw a performance of theirs at Good Bellies that my friend Kevin filmed from the year before so I was stoked when I saw that they got added to our show. Really awesome new band you should check out, especially if you dig infest:

Dead Man is an amalgamation of pissed off energy that resonates from Oakland, California. Their singer lights some shit on fire while they are playing as well:

T.A.D.R.O.A.E.V. is a powerviolence band from San Jose. This was their first show with Seneca from Dead Pressure doing vocals. They were extra punishing this evening:

This is the YE set from this evening. It was a wild set. Pillow Fights Rule:

Scolex is a Death Metal band from Oakland, California. They play some very hypnotic oldschool sounding Death Metal:

Infernal Stronghold is a Metal band from Philly that has an affinity for Blackened Thrash. Their drummer also shares duties in the band Woe:

Caffa is a Death Metal band that I play in along with fellow Cvltnation contributor Chad on drums. The band is based out of Oakland, California. Thanks to Kevin Hobbs for filming. This was a really fun set:

Fuck Yeah D.I.Y.

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  • the drummer for the makai was jesse shriebman, plays in murmurs and transient from seattle

  • Ian

    Fuck I’m out in the bay area too, but I never find out about any of these awesome shows!