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Get Shot: Exhibit and Book Review

By now, you’ve probably already heard of Martin Sorrondeguy‘s new book entitled Get Shot: A Visual Diary 1985-2012.

Well Martin has also been on the road promoting the book by holding special photo exhibitions that feature his 27 year personal collection of punk rock photography. I was lucky enough to attend his recent photo exhibit on November 17th in Santa Ana, California. On display was Martin’s extensive photography collection of  punk bands throughout the U.S., Latin America, Australia, and Asia. Some of the photographic gems included bands like Limp Wrist, Los Crudos, Framtid, Peligro Social, Hoax, Coke Bust, Rayos X, Gay Kiss, Boom Boom Kid, La Urss, and the list goes on and on.


Perhaps one of the coolest aspects of the exhibition is the candid moments that Martin was able to capture of punks hanging out in various settings. Many of the photos featured Martin kicking it with punks in Mexico, Japan, and the United States— including places like living rooms, in tour vans, different neighborhoods, and other settings outside of shows. These candid moments take the depth of the photograph collection to another level as they allow you to see another dimension of Martin’s experience with punk outside of the shows. Aside from the great prints on display, the exhibit was a great place to catch up with old faces, listen to music, and hear interesting conversations of people reminiscing about shows and punk.

The book itself is packaged beautifully as it comes in hardcover and features 250 pages worth of photographs. The prints are gorgeous and the book is definitely a must have for your library. It looks as if the book will keep Martin busy for quite some time, so if the exhibit rolls through your city, be sure to catch it because it’s not often punks get a chance to have a high caliber photo exhibition that focus on their scene.


Buy the book here: Get Shot / Make a Mess

Contact Martin for Upcoming Photo Shows:


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