Cupcakes of the Tyrants

People may want to hate on the cupcake trend, but in my opinion there is nothing better than having an entire cake to yourself, even if it is small. When I was a kid, I loved having cupcakes at my birthdays, but since my mom wasn’t the biggest baker/homemaker type, I had to settle for the store-bought variety with that pretty but chemical-tasting icing. Now that I am older, I have a better appreciation for the things that can be done to the individual cake. You can take inspiration from the things you love and turn it into a delicious edible creation. Like…metal! I have followed Metalcakes out of Chicago for a while now, and I decided it’s time to do a post featuring cupcakes that are inspired by some of my all-time favorite bands. While the inspiration may sometimes be disgusting, Metalcakes manages to make it mouth-watering. Some of my favorites are the Sleep “Holy Cupcake” Tres Leches cupcake, the Judas Priest “Hell Bent for Cupcakes” bondage cupcake, the Saint Vitus “White Batter/Black Batter” cupcake the Black Sabbath “Cupcakes Bloody Cupcakes” strawberry syrup cupcake and the Watain “Sworn to the Cake” flourless chocolate cupcake with ganache frosting and red M&Ms…I mean, come on, that takes a creative brain to make Watain taste good! Metalcakes doesn’t share their cupcakes with you just to taunt you with their scrumptiousness, she actually gives you the recipe for each cupcake and provides you with a video and musical soundtrack to inspire their preparation! So embrace your need for chocolate graveyard dirt and strawberry blood, and check out a gallery of Metalcakes after the jump, and find all the recipes on her site!

Watain - Sworn to the Cake Closeup
Watain – Sworn to the Cake

Big Business closeup
Big Business – Grounds for Dessert

Weedeater- Weed Monkey Cakes closeup
Weedeater – Weed Monkey Cakes

Venom- Raisin the Dead cakes, closeup
Venom – Raisin the Dead cakes

Sodom- Agent Orange Juice Cakes Closeup 2
Sodom – Agent Orange Juice Cakes

The Secret- Cake of the Last day Closeup
The Secret – Cake of the Last Day

Sleep Holy Cupcake
Sleep – Holy Cupcake

Slayer- Reign in Blood Cakes closeup (2)
Slayer – Reign in Blood Cakes

Saint Vitus- White Magic Black Magic closeup
Saint Vitus- White Batter/Black Batter

Sepultura- Beneath the Cookies and Cremains closeup
Sepultura – Beneath the Cookies and Cremains

Pentagram- Live Free & Bake Closeup
Pentagram- Live Free

Motorhead love me like a cupcake closeup
Motorhead – Love me like a Cupcake

Skeletonwitch- The Infernal Resur-Reese's closeup
Skeletonwitch – The Infernal Resur-Reese’s

Mastodon seabeast cakes, closeup
Mastodon – Seabeast Cakes

Mercyful Fate- Don't Break the Yolk
Mercyful Fate – Don’t Break the Yolk

King Diamond - No Cupcakes For Christmas closeup
King Diamond – No Cupcakes For Christmas

Judas Priest Hellbent for cupcakes closeup
Judas Priest – Hellbent for Cupcakes

Iron Maiden 22 minutes to cupcakes money shot
Iron Maiden – 22 Minutes to Cupcakes

Gwar closeup
GWAR – Scumcakes of the Universe

Goatsnake - Flowers for Dessert Closeup
Goatsnake – Flowers for Dessert

Graves at Sea Money Shot
Graves at Sea – Black Bile Cakes

Electric Wizard - Crumb-wich Cakes Closeup
Electric Wizard – Crumb-wich Cakes

Dark Castle - Awake in Sweet closeup 2
Dark Castle – Awake in Sweet

Danzig- Twist of Candy Cane closeup
Danzig – Twist of Candy Cane

Celtic Frost Cupcake of the Tyrants closeup
Celtic Frost – Cupcake of the Tyrants

Black Tusk- Baking the Cakes of Men closeup
Black Tusk – Baking the Cakes of Men

Black Sabbath
Black Sabbath – Cupcakes Bloody Cupcakes

Black Breath Raspberries to Oblivion closeup
Black Breath – Raspberries to Oblivion

Bathory- Baptized in Fire & Frosting closeup
Bathory – Baptized in Fire & Frosting

Baroness- Sweetest Curse Cakes Closeup

Baroness – Sweetest Curse Cakes

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