Metronome Arthritis…
45 Minutes of AT THE DRIVE-IN
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The start of this century was pretty heavy for me, I felt like every minute that I lived on this planet was taking me closer to the end of my time. Luckily, I found myself in a new city, with a new job, and group of new friends that helped me see that I did have a future. The one thing that really pulled me out of my darkest days was music, and one band that made sense out of all of the madness that was running around my brain was AT THE DRIVE-IN. This 90’s Texas group had all sorts of rad messages for me to ponder, and when they would dive into canyons of emotion, I just knew I should stay in this world and fight the good fight. Musically, AT THE DRIVE-IN were so creative – I really dig the way the spirit of punk can be conveyed in so many different ways. They remind me why I have given my life to a movement that has given so much to the world in so many different ways. In the mid 90’s, when this band saw eye to eye, they were unstoppable. I really wish I could have so them live; it’s weird, because most of my friends have. One thing I know for sure is that live AT THE DRIVE-IN were on some next shit, they were in a cosmic space all of their own! Today CVLT Nation has gathered some of our favorite live footage: you know the drill, tune in, it’s the only way! So after the jump, in online casino sites out and check out this killer visual peace of history.


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45 Minutes of AT THE DRIVE-IN
Now Showing"

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YES! Fuck yeah man, this band means so much to me. Not only did i meet all of my current and oldest best friends over our love of this band back in eighth grade over a decade ago, but this stuff is so powerful and emotion driven. It’s incredible, really really fucking incredible. It’s rare when you can say a band changed your life, but At The Drive-In definitely did so for me. Such a pivotal amazing-amazing band.