Mind Blowing Album Of 2013
Gravecode Nebula
Sempiternal Void: Review + Stream

Label: Baneful Genesis Records

The long awaited full length offering from Salt Lake City blackened doom coven Gravecode Nebula has at last reared its unsightly head upon the hapless dregs of humanity. Their 2011 split with Kreig left us with an unbeknownst void that only a further installment of the band’s psychedelically-fueled creeping doom could fill. The end result would eventually conclude with something that far surpassed all preconceived expectations, and by extension, would define the band’s first steps into crafting something wholly their own.

Sempiternal Void focuses around a core theme that all subsequent tracks therein revolve around, allowing for a consistent delivery of the band’s beautiful imagery conceived through several vantage points, the result of which is tended through painstakingly constructed movements that allow for a richly connective depth. An air of visceral, haunting imagination looms overhead, omnipresent, creating an aura of terrifying dissonance, brilliantly woven within the fabric of this album. Subtle asynchronous melodies float between an otherwise securely interlaced assault add a humanistic element that diverts the sonic equivalent of utter nothingness. Instrumental-driven soundscapes paint a winding introspective into a frantic display that spatters itself in no greater personification than on the final two tracks, “Lethal Aether” and  “Abhorrent Absorbant.” These tracks throw the album into another direction entirely, sounding as if recorded in raw demo form, bring the slow-moving, desperate climb spiraling into a torrential downfall. Encapsulated by the echoing avalanche of riff-consumed madness, Sempiternal Void fades to a slow, squealing shadow and then at once is concluded, leaving the bleak and discordant reminder of its 60+ minute length close behind.

Gravecode Nebula refine their prowess into a bold, masterful and bleak offering that leaves its mark long after the album has concluded. This is not one to be overlooked – but decide for yourself by checking it out below. Sempiternal Void is available for download via the Baneful Genesis Records Bandcamp page, throw them a few bucks and get it on vinyl in 2014.


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