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Moshpit Tragedy is unique in the record industry, and a label that truly takes advantage of the digital age of music. Rayny Forster runs his label as a pay what you can service, meaning that the community sets the price, not the label. Moshpit Tragedy did an epic showcase earlier this year with Scion A/V at The Glass House in Pomona, CA, and today we’re bringing you a series of interviews with Rayny and a few of the bands that performed that day – Total Fucking Destruction, Phobia, Morne, Skarp and Seas Will Rise. Rayny talks about how he runs Moshpit Tragedy, the inspiration behind it and his ethos when it comes to spreading music around the world. Check out these fascinating videos after the jump…you can also stream the upcoming live 7″ from the Moshpit Tragedy showcase HERE, and look for it soon on the Moshpit Tragedy site!

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