Mouth of the Beast…
Cultus Sabbati Video
Directed by Shazzula

A while back, I posted about this amazing person I had come across, Shazzula Nebula, and her dark, thought-provoking photographic stills, taken from a film she is creating, Black Mass Rising Now, part of that film has been released, and it looks as promising as I thought it would. Shazzula incorporated some really amazing underground music into Black Mass Rising, and merges her psychedelic, black imagery with the tracks. Cultus Sabbati has just released their music video excerpt from Shazzula’s film, set to their track “Mouth of the Beast.” The track itself has such an intense aura, and coupled with the film it is a breathtaking assault on the senses. I was immediately drawn in to the universe created by Shazzula and Cultus Sabbati, and I can only imagine how amazing this film will be on a big screen, with the unearthly and unholy sounds of Cultus Sabbati ringing in my ears, and Shazzula’s images singeing my eyes. She layers textures and sounds perfectly, using high contrast to weave her footage together to create haunting, blackened scenes. Together, Cultus Sabbati and Shazzula walk us through ancient cathedrals, into cold, black lakes, spinning forests and ancient temples. It is suspenseful without knowing why, and at once it takes us forwards and backwards in time. Black Mass Rising is due to release in October 2011, and in addition to Cultus Sabbati, will also feature music by Yoga, Menace Ruine, Aluk Todolo, L’Acéphale, Randall Dunn (Master Musicians of Bukkake), Ga’an, Sylvester Anfang II, Kinit Her, Mater Suspiria Vision, and many more. After the jump, watch the video for “Mouth of the Beast” and get a taste of Black Mass Rising

Cultus Sabbati – Mouth of the Beast from Cultus Sabbati on Vimeo.

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Cultus Sabbati Video
Directed by Shazzula"

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