No more live shows: Cvlt Nation interviews Fallenlight

I supposed to post the interview with this filthy Indonesian black metal duo like two or three months ago eh, but after a long await finally they replied the email! If you forgot about them (which you should not, beacuse they are kick ass!), read my previous post about Fallenlight. Well I like my coffee black, just like my metal. Check out Cvlt Nation’s interview with Abenz and M.OT.F. from Fallenlight, right after the jump!

• Hello Fallenlight! First of all, Apa Kabar? Hows Jogja?
Helooo…Jogja is hotter than ever, so sorry for long reply coz we’re sooooo damn lazy.

• So Fenriz wrote about Fallenlight on Darkthrone’s myspace blog, which made you the first Indonesian (black metal) band that supported by him. How do you feel about that?
+ Abenz: We’re really surprised Fenriz appreciate our music, thanks to Fenriz and Darkthrone.
+ MOTF: Whooaaa…we never thought that Fenriz would listen to our songs!

• When it comes to live performance, you guys are helped by two additional members – including vocalist. Any certain reason why you guys (as the original members) decided not to perform vocals live?
+ Abenz: Because I’m really a bad singer, haha.
+ MOTF: Yes, because we’re not like common bands. We’re not enjoying playing live too much, maybe just 1-2 gigs a year. And when it come to play live it’s like “C’mon let’s just have fun, and ask some friends (Thokk – bass, Wasfuk – Vocal) to do bass and vocal” – that’s it. And the recent news is we quit playing live, no more live show for FL. I believe that black metal bands like BATHORY, BURZUM are not live music for the masses!

• I see somewhere on Fallenlight’s myspace, one of the member (which is M.O.T.F.) is credited for doing illustrations for the band. Is it just a hobby? Or he also did illustrations for another bands?
+ MOTF: Not really, I’m a moody person, so i do drawing when it’s feel ok or right to do that. Not a 24 hours drawing artist if you know what i mean, hehe. My recent project is a drawing for a local thrash metal band called HEADKRUSHER.

• I’m not big on local scene, but I see too much symphonic black metal bands which I could care less actually – no offense. So, what do you think about nowadays Indonesian black metal scene?
+ Abenz: Lots of black metal bands, and new bands showing up too but just a few bands which are good…
+ MOTF: Yes, that’s the truth.

• As a black metal band, Fallenlight is far from any ‘satanic imagery / message’. Why? What’s your main lyrical themes?
+ MOTF: Because I don’t write or use word like S-A-T-A-N, hahaha. It’s me who made all the lyrics, I think it’s still ‘black metal’ lyrics but not the type of strict or straight satanic lyrics if you know what i mean. I hate discuss or telling people about my lyrics, use your imagination, feel free to interpret it.

• You desribed your music as something “primitive, simple and ugly”, is there any chance in the future for Fallenlight to write more ‘technical’ materials (you know, like fancy complicated solos or such)?
+ Abenz: We will and always play music that we like, just simple and straight forward metal music.
+ MOTF: NO. Technical music is NOT for us, simple, “boring” and monotonous riffs created more atmosphere and that’s just perfect for us, just BASIC. Nothing more or less. Solos? Eh hand clap solos maybe, hehe.

• Do you agree if someone describe your music as ‘black n roll’ or even ‘metal punk’? Why or why not?
+ Abenz: We listen to lots of music from rock, metal or even punx so it’s naturally for us if our musical influences shine through our music.
+ MOTF: Feel free to describe our music, we just wanted people to know the raw beginnings that made the scene what it is today and listening again to old bands like VENOM, BATHORY, HELHAMMER/CELTIC FROST, etc. They’re perfect bands which are the mixed of rock, punx and metal!

• Any plan to record more songs in the near future? Or even releasing a new album physically?
+ Abenz: Yes, EP release maybe. We have some new songs already and we are preparing to enter studio again.
+ MOTF: I just want to record new songs as fast as possible! I don’t like being in the studio for long time.

• I would like to say thanks for your time, any last words for Cvlt Nation readers out there?
+ THANK YOU for your web space and your patience for waiting this answer toooo long, and always say NO to clicky bass drum sound!!!

Cvlt Nation would like to say thanks to Fallenlight for the interview, keep it primitive, simple and ugly!

– Fallenlight on myspace

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