No Sir, I Won’t
The Door 12″ EP Review + Stream

Boston’s No Sir, I Won’t play revolutionary anarcho-punk without plagiarism, but developed into a modern form. ‘The Door‘ draws obvious influences, but they have breathed new life into it. Profoundly political, it is fueled by disillusionment, anger and the world’s downward slope.

The opening track has that ungovernable force and crescendo of Conflict’s ‘Mighty and superior’. The second song ‘Elevators’ begins with snippets from 1976’s ‘Network’, “The whole world is becoming humanoid, creatures that look human but aren’t.” It is reminiscent of Chumbawamba’s ‘Pictures of Starving Children Sell Records’ with the military percussion of Crass. This is anarcho-punk at it’s finest, music like this makes you want to change the world. Exhilarating and thought-provoking, if you don’t like a message in your music this is not for you. For some it causes goosebumps on their skin, like those bands you first heard that made you think out of the box. There has to be another way or made you question everything you’ve ever been told.


By the final track ‘When You Gonna Realize?,’ I find I’m listening intensively to the bass and all it’s runs and changes. Then everything stops, a piano kicks in and it changes into those emotional bits that make bands like this so separate from ’77 punk. It’s anthem-like, in the vein of the Upstarts ‘Solidarity,’ until it breaks into angry but catchy militaristic type rhythms.

The record is on yellow vinyl and available for purchase direct from Framework Records.

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