Europe Will Crumble: BLACK TABLE Euro Tour Imminent

Hey Euro blackened-everything nerds, get ready to succumb, BLACK TABLE is about to hit your town and bring serious damage to your scene. Don’t miss the NY-based blackened post-hardcore band as it plows through Europe on their imminent Euro tour. Check the dates below, sneak peak a trailer of their upcoming album ObeliskRSVP here, and support these guys on their trek, they will be on a mission to fucking KILL!



BLACK TABLE (New York – USA, Moment of Collapse Records) OBELISK TOUR 2016

07.06.2016 Copenhagen/ Denmark @ Underwerket
08.06.2016 Essen/ Germany @ Emokeller
09.06.2016 Frankfurt/Germany @ Exzess
10.06.2016 Mannheim/ Germany @ AJZ w/ Phantom Winter
11.06.2016 Abtenau/ Austria @ Neudegg Alm w/ Phantom Winter
12.06.2016 Milano/ Italy @ Lo Fi Club
13.06.2016 Rimini/ Italy @ Wave Club
14.06.2016 Cakovec/ Croatia @ Prostor Cezam
15.06.2016 Bratislava/ Slovakia @ Fuga
16.06.2016 Prague/ Czech Rep @ 007
17.06.2016 Esslingen/ Germany @ Koma
18.06.2016 Strasbourg/ France @ Molodoi
19.06.2016 France/ Belgium TBA (get in touch for help!)
20.06.2016 Antwerpen/ Belgium @ Antwerp Music City
21.06.2016 Leeurwarden/ Netherlands @ The Morgue

Youtube Channel:
Vinyl Distro: Moment of Collapse –, Silent Pendulum

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